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Our values

At Tile Hill, our values guide us: Ownership, Passion, Integrity and Ambition. These words matter. They're the difference between good and great, between win and lose, between do and don't. We know what they mean to us. This is how they should feel to you:


Our customers’ priorities are our priorities too. This means that we take ownership of a challenge and we're totally committed to making a positive contribution to your business and your career. Working with us, you’ll sense a proactivity and wilfulness that enables us to achieve results beyond the ordinary. We’ll be questioning, challenging, candid and realistic. And we’ll be honest about what our strengths are and what they are not. Most of all, you can expect to be welcomed by truly capable people who’ll make a genuine contribution to propelling you towards your goals.


A positive attitude is the basis for positive results. At Tile Hill, we approach our work with energy and passion and we love our jobs. This means that we’re deeply involved in the sectors we work in and that we’re connected to the right people in them. When you work with us, you’ll be dealing with people who really care about quality, about delivering great outcomes and about inspiring new ideas in our customers. You’ll sense a real desire for discovery. The stories, the ambitions, the people. The why, not just the how. That’s the reason we love our work and it’s what makes our jobs so fascinating.


We believe that the best relationships have to be win-win. So, you can expect our conversations and our dealings to be a fair exchange where everyone gains. This means we’ll be generous with our thoughts and ideas and we won’t charge for every piece of advice or every connection we make. We take a longer-term view of relationships because in our experience what goes around, comes around. We’ll do things right and we’ll take our time to listen and to understand. Above all, we’re loyal, ethical, committed to our values and we’ll do business with authenticity and care.


We want nothing more than to make a worthwhile contribution to your business and your career. Progression and improvement motivates us and fuels our ambition to help our customers achieve more. We have a real desire to win and succeed and this means that we’ll do all that we can - go the extra mile - to make sure we know exactly the right people with the right skills for the right assignments. Afterall, we understand that our own success is intrinsically linked to yours. 

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