An interview with Jason Kitcat on connecting people post Covid-19

almost 2 years ago by Anthony Lewis


In this second episode of our future world of work series, we chat to Jason Kitcat, Director of Human Centred Design at Connected Places Catapult. 

We discuss the following topics at these points in the video: 

02.40: Will people actually change their habits as a result of Covid-19, and what work is Connected Places Catapult doing around this? 

08.43: Will Covid-19 impact large infrastructure projects like HS2 if less people are travelling to an office, and how can we create a more green economy? 

11.50: What roles will urban centres play in harnessing the collective ability of people? 

15.20: How do local authorities retain channel shift momentum? 

16.47: What are the benefits of technology adoption and how will they impact the world of work? 

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