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The future world of work:

An interview with Karen Grave

An interview with Karen Grave, President of the PPMA, on future HR trends for public sector leaders

about 2 years ago by Anthony Lewis

Paul Buffington M07hw L1 O8 Zi Unsplash

With 9 out of 10 people saying that they don't want to return to working in the same way, we speak to Karen Grave, President of the PPMA, about the major impact that Covid-19 is likely to have on public sector organisations and the key conversations that HR should be having in their organisations. 


We discuss the following topics at these points in the video:

02:53 How should organisations react to changes in how people want to live and work?

10:02 How do you create a homogenous culture when staff are working remotely?

12:43 What is visible leadership in the 'new normal'?

18:57 What support do organisations need to provide to their employees and leaders?

24:32 What is the role of OD in helping organisations adjust to the 'new normal'?

27:41 What are the 4 key conversations that HR should be having in their organisations?

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