An interview with Kate Dean on the impact Covid-19 may have on office space

almost 2 years ago by Anthony Lewis


Anthony Lewis speaks with Kate Dean, Project Director of Basing View, about the impact of Covid-19 on commercial property and the demand for office space, and they look at how offices can be used differently in future.

Kate discusses the below questions at the following times in the interview:

02:20 How will Covid-19 impact Basing View and the commercial property scene?

06:07 Has productivity actually increased with people working remotely?

07:50 Will organisations rethink how they use office space and are there positives that can come from this?

10:55 How can office space be better used to stimulate creativity?

12:45 Do you think organisations will aim to relocate to out of town business parks?

14:27 Have you seen a decline in office space demand?

16:43 Have you seen a decline in shared office space demand?


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