The Future World of Work: An interview with Hannah Day on post-Covid workplace attire

almost 2 years ago by Anthony Lewis


‚ÄčAnthony Lewis speaks with stylist, Hannah Day, on post-Covid workplace attire and how we can make face masks fashionable. Hannah can be found at

Hannah discusses the below questions at the following times in the interview:

01.08 What is the importance of attire in the workplace?

02.20 How does attire impact your mindset and how you approach the workday?

05.23 Are first impressions that are based on image another form of unconscious bias?

06.35 What are the dos and don'ts for working at home?

08.12 What is the expectation on how we dress when returning to the office in the future?

09.19 What are the upcoming fashion trends?

11.13 How do we make face masks fashionable?

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