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Sharing Knowledge: Tile Hill & InfraNED’s Workshop on Non-Exec Roles

by Anthony Lewis


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At Tile Hill, we strongly believe that we all benefit when we share our experiences with others. As the women’s rights advocate Margaret Fuller said, "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it’. And this is the purpose of the InfraNED network. The InfraNED network supports and empowers women board directors working in infrastructure, real estate, construction, and engineering. Their aim is to connect experienced board professionals in these sectors to empower and amplify the impact of experienced women inside boardrooms and across the C-suite.

This generosity of sharing was obvious when Tile Hill hosted a workshop in partnership with the InfraNED network focusing on the due diligence that should be done before accepting a new non-exec role. What questions should you ask? And what green and red flags should you watch out for? By sharing experiences, good and bad, the ambition was to create a top-tips guide that could be used by any experienced NED or those starting out in their portfolio career. With the end goal of helping people land the right non-executive roles. As with any potential employment opportunity, it is important to note that what may suit and appeal to one person may not appeal to another. And so, carrying out appropriate due diligence that aligns with your individual motivators, experience base, and interests is a vital starting point for anyone considering a non-executive role. More on this will come with the guide.

The energy in the room was brilliant, and it was a privilege to hear the views of so many talented and experienced individuals. As a recruiter who has worked with many organisations and Chairs to recruit Non-Execs into Board positions, it is always useful to hear the views and experiences of those who have been at the other end of the process. What will come out of this workshop is a brilliant guide that I hope will benefit many existing and future NEDs. Parallel to this, a set of views and experiences that will benefit any organisation seeking to attract high-calibre NEDs to their board if taken into consideration. At Tile Hill, we want to be known for the quality of experience and support that people have when engaging with us in the recruitment process, and this workshop celebrated the importance of this in helping people determine whether to accept a role or not.

If you are a NED or looking to start your portfolio career and want to hear more, then please get in touch and watch this space for the published top tips guide. If you’d like to know more about the InfraNED network, then use this link.

Equally, if you are thinking about hiring non-execs onto your board and want to hear about the things that NEDs will be looking out for, then please get in touch.

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