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Ready to Rise? Balancing Ambition and Readiness

by Greg Hayes


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Everyone steps up in their career at some point. At Tile Hill, ambition is one of our values, reflected in our support for the Rising Star Award nominees and many future talent development programmes across various local government service areas. The sector itself hums with opportunities for growth, offering a wealth of sector-wide and service-specific development initiatives, shared learning, networks, and mentoring programs. Stepping up? You won't be doing it alone.

But let's be honest, local government isn’t always forgiving. The spotlight of transparency shines brightly with political, public, and media scrutiny ever-present. A close community is supportive, but it can also be exposing.

The Great Resignation and leadership gap have opened doors, but don't let ambition cloud your judgment. Be kind to yourself and ask, 'am I truly ready?' This isn't just about individual skills; it's about ensuring the right conditions exist for your success. Does the organisation foster a culture of learning and development? Is there a structured onboarding process? Will they invest in your growth? And how broad is your network, both work and personal? Will it offer you caution as well as encouragement and support? Seek mentors, connect with peers, and build relationships that can be your sounding board and your safety net.

Remember, ambition is admirable, but it thrives alongside self-awareness and careful career planning. While the opportunities are there, a considered and well supported step-up is crucial for thriving in the demanding yet rewarding world of local government. Remember, success isn't just about reaching the top; but ensuring you have the tools and support to stay there, to feel happy and fulfilled, whilst contributing meaningfully to the communities you serve.


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