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Why Celebrating Success in UK Local Government Matters: A Look at the MJ Awards and the Frontline Awards

by Jai Patel


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When you think about local government, you might not immediately picture glitzy award ceremonies. But let me tell you, recognizing and celebrating the hard work and success in this sector is not only important, but essential. As someone who recruits top talent for local councils, I’ve seen how these events make a huge difference having recently had the privilege of representing Tile Hill as sponsors for both MJ and Frontline awards.

The power of recognition
At the core of any organisation or sector is the recognition of its people. With industry-wide issues affecting everyone working for or associated with local government, award ceremonies serve as a powerful platform for highlighting outstanding efforts of local government employees who often work behind the scenes to make a tangible difference in their communities. These events showcase the individuals, teams and organisations whose innovative approaches and collective dedication directly improve public wellbeing nationally.

The MJ Awards is always a prestigious and notable event in the local government calendar celebrating achievements from across the wide spectrum of services councils provide. From tackling key issues in social care to enhancing local infrastructure, the awards recognise best practices from the previous year and provide an opportunity for the sector to network, learn and potentially emulate thereafter. Similarly, the Frontline Awards, focus on celebrating the hard work of unsung heroes in social care who are responsible for delivering services directly to those most in need of it. Frontline is the largest social care charity in England and their positive impact was on display at their most recent awards through not only workers in the sector being present, but also the children and young adults who bravely shared their stories.

Enhancing Recruitment and Retention

From an executive recruitment perspective, the value of these awards cannot be overstated. Recognized achievements become a powerful tool in attracting top talent. A typical conversation we have with clients will include the importance of being a competitive employer given that the best candidates will always factor in excellence, innovation and culture of any organisation when considering a move. Awards can serve as a testament to an organisation’s trajectory, commitment to quality, and ability to achieve results. It goes without saying that awards aren’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to good organisations to work for however recruitment and retention can only be helped by an award and the subsequent morale boost it would bring.

Promoting Best Practice and Collaboration

Award ceremonies like the MJ Awards and the Frontline Awards also promote the sharing of best practices across councils. These events provide a platform for local authorities to highlight their successful projects and initiatives, offering invaluable learning opportunities for other councils. This exchange of ideas is crucial in addressing common challenges and fostering collaboration across the sector.


In conclusion, award ceremonies are indispensable in the realm of UK local government. They celebrate the outstanding contributions of local government professionals, foster a culture of excellence, enhance recruitment and retention, and promote the sharing of best practices. As we continue to support these events, we look forward to witnessing the continued evolution and success of local government in delivering exceptional public services.

As an executive recruiter, it is gratifying to see the positive impact that recognition and celebration can have on individuals and organisations alike. Almost any contacts in the sector who have spoken to me at length will know I believe in the importance of shining a light on the positive stories in local government which often go unnoticed by outside of the sector. In fact, I think that this should happen even more through avenues other than just award ceremonies to address the wider branding problem that local authorities face, but that should make for a separate article in the future. We are proud to play a part in this journey through our sponsorship and support of such awards and we anticipate the future achievements of our local government clients.

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