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At the intersection of public and private sector, we provide interim managers and independent consultants predominantly to outsourcing solutions businesses that have an established or developing footprint in the public sector. The UK outsourcing market is now second largest in the world outside the US and plays an important role in helping government to meet the dual demand for greater efficiency and rising service expectations.

Our interim managers are industry specialists and are adept at stepping into complex change environments where they can be called upon to deliver anything from transitional leadership for new contracts to wholescale transformation of services.

For smaller projects or where more targeted specialist knowledge is needed, our network of independent consultants can provide fresh insights and impartial viewpoints together with a combination of consulting and industry experience. Whether it’s a “subject matter expert” to support a bid, a financial modeller or an advisor with specialist market knowledge, our network of independent consultants has it covered.

So, if you’re a company needing an interim manager or independent consultant please get in touch.

And, if you’re an interim manager or independent consultant with a track record of delivery in outsourced services then we’re always interested to hear from you. To register your interest in joining our community simply click here.

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