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We know from the clients that we work with that it takes grit and determination to be a leader in local government. Against a backdrop of intense financial pressure, local government is taking on more powers to enhance their role in developing safe and sustainable communities, boosting economic growth, protecting the most vulnerable in society and shaping the places that we live in.

We’re passionate about helping local government to succeed. We do this by providing immediate access to the skills and knowledge of thousands of the most capable and experienced interim managers and independent consultants that will help over-stretched management teams to achieve their strategic goals.

Our interim managers provide short-term leadership when posts become vacant or when problems surface and they’re comfortable stepping into the most challenging situations and delivering results. They not only provide leadership at Head of Service, Assistant Director, Director and Executive Director level, they also lead major projects, programmes and change initiatives.

For smaller projects or where more targeted specialist knowledge is needed, our network of independent consultants provides fresh insights and impartial viewpoints together with a combination of consulting and industry experience. Whether it’s advising on future delivery models, commercialisation of services, customer service transformation or providing procurement expertise, our network of independent consultants has it covered.

So, if you’re a local authority needing an interim manager or independent consultant please get in touch.

And, if you’re an interim manager or independent consultant that’s passionate about improving local government then we’re always interested to hear from you. To register your interest in joining our community simply click here.

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