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Useful Links

Thank you for registering with Tile Hill. We have collated below a number of links to articles and pages you may find useful:

What to know and consider with IR35
This is a quick and easy guide to IR35, specifically looking into what it means for interims and independent contractors.

How to write a good interim CV
Whether you are starting out as an interim or are wanting a few pointers on updating your CV, we've listed our favourite tips in this article.

Four tips for starting your interim assignment with a bang
We've noted our tips for making the right impact at your new interim assigment.

Our people
Find out more about the Tile Hill team here. Click to view each profile and you'll see each individual's contact details or visit our Contact Us page to book in a time to speak with one of our consultants.

Please do let us know if there is any information and/or advice that you'd like to see included on the site.