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Pride Month, moving beyond tokenism

by Shannon Walsh


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In recent years, the corporate world has made significant strides in celebrating Pride Month, with companies showcasing rainbow logos, hosting Pride events, and expressing solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community. However, to truly support LGBTQIA+ employees and avoid the pitfall of tokenism, it is essential to implement inclusive practices and policies that foster a supportive environment throughout the entire year. Here’s how companies can achieve this goal with behind-the-scenes actions that make a real difference

Inclusive Policy Review and Implementation
The foundation of a supportive workplace for LGBTQIA+ employees lie in robust, inclusive policies. Companies should regularly review and update their policies to ensure they address the needs and rights of LGBTQIA+ staff. An example of this is a company’s Non-Discrimination Policies. This should clearly state that discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression is prohibited. Ensure these policies are communicated effectively and enforced consistently

Ongoing Education & Training
Education is a powerful tool in fostering an inclusive workplace culture. Companies should invest in continuous learning opportunities that raise awareness and understanding of LGBTQIA+ issues. This can be achieved through regular training session which focus on topics such as inclusivity, allyship and unconscious bias.
Bringing in external guest speakers for these workshops is a great way to engage your team, listen to advocates and experts and have a chance to share experiences and insights.

Creating safe and inclusive spaces
A truly inclusive workplace provides a safe space where all employees feel valued and supported. A simple way to do this is to have inclusive facilities in your workplace (if your team are required to be in the office). This is a small but significant step which could make the world of difference to a team member.

Supporting Career Development
To foster an environment where LGBTQIA+ employees can thrive, companies should focus on supporting their professional growth. One way to do this is to ensure that promotion and career advancement opportunities are based on merit and performance, free from bias or discrimination.

Continuous Feedback and improvement
Creating an inclusive workplace is an ongoing process that requires regular assessment and improvement. One effective strategy is to implement anonymous surveys and feedback tools to gather input from LGBTQIA+ employees about their experiences and needs.

Use this feedback to inform policy updates and new initiatives. At Tile Hill we recently took part in a companywide anonymous survey hosted by Powered by Diversity. This allowed our team to give feedback on their views of how Tile Hill is running, their day-to-day experiences and helped flag any room for improvement that we can begin to implement. By reviewing these surveys and carry them out regularly you ensure your company remains responsive to evolving needs of LGBTQIA+ team members.

Supporting LGBTQIA+ employees year-round requires a genuine commitment to inclusivity and equality. By implementing comprehensive policies, providing continuous education, creating safe spaces, supporting career development, and seeking continuous improvement, companies can move beyond tokenism and foster a workplace where all employees feel valued and supported. This not only benefits LGBTQIA+ employees but also enhances the overall culture and success of the organisation.

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