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Welcoming Helen Marshall: Bringing change to the health sector landscape with Tile Hill

by Helen Marshall


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In my newest professional adventure, I’m thrilled to have joined Tile Hill in leading their Health division as Associate Director. This position signifies more than just career advancement; it embodies my dedication to effecting real change within the public sector, with a specific focus on the complex network of healthcare services.

Over the course of my career spanning 30 years, my expertise has evolved, my networks have evolved, and I’ve constantly evolved my understanding of what is important to clients and candidates. With this, a few things have remained constant, a passion and expertise in interim recruitment and a desire to make a difference to the public sector. In my new role I take on the responsibility of spearheading interim roles and appointments within the expansive Health sector, where the primary focus is on delivering quality talent.

For those that don’t know me, my time with GatenbySanderson played a pivotal role in shaping my journey, providing a platform to specialise in senior interim appointments within Local Government, Health, and Central Government. During this time, I actively recruited Chief Executives, Directors, and Assistant Directors, with a notable emphasis on Local Government. This experience laid the foundation for my deep understanding of the intricacies of public sector recruitment.

The shift from private sector to public sector recruitment earlier in my career brought forth a profound realisation. Each interim manager placed in Local Government had a genuine and meaningful impact on the lives of the public. This realisation became a driving force, fuelling my passion to offer not only a proactive service but also a consultative approach to secure the best talent. Now, as the Associate Director of Health, I eagerly anticipate channelling my skills and knowledge to bring about positive change in the Health sector.

Recruitment, for me, transcends beyond being a career choice; it is a vocation rooted in a profound love for helping people. The joy of building lasting relationships with candidates and clients has been a constant source of fulfilment throughout my career. Joining Tile Hill feels like serendipity, as the company's approach to candidates and clients strongly resonates with my own values.

My overarching goal at Tile Hill is to cultivate a thriving Health practice, mirroring the success achieved in the Local Government sector. The established vision and values at Tile Hill create fertile ground for providing an exceptional service to both candidates and clients within the Health sector. This aligns seamlessly with my aspirations to contribute significantly to the growth and success of the company.

As I embark on this new chapter with Tile Hill, the fusion of experience, passion, and shared values promises not only personal and professional growth but a significant contribution to Tile Hill's continued success in the Health sector. Together, we aim to leave an enduring mark on the landscape, enriching the experiences of both clients and candidates alike.


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