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Chantelle Wooldridge

Senior Consultant

“I’m never happier than when I feel like I am making a real difference and positive impact with the clients and candidates I work with.

Chantelle Wooldridge is our Senior Consultant in Executive Search team at Tile Hill. Chantelle brings with her two decades of invaluable experience in public sector recruitment. With a rich history of working closely with local authorities and public sector organisations, Chantelle has honed her expertise through roles such as Senior Resourcing Business Partner at Sandwell Council and Principal Consultant at West Midlands Employers, Regional Employers Organisation.

Passionate about supporting clients and candidates in some of the most challenging yet fulfilling roles the sector has to offer, Chantelle is driven by a profound understanding of the sector's current challenges and future prospects. Chantelle's goal is to bring her knowledge, experience, and vibrant personality to Tile Hill, fostering meaningful connections and guiding individuals towards impactful career opportunities while infusing a sense of enjoyment into the process.

In public sector recruitment, Chantelle finds motivation in working with talented candidates who make a direct and powerful impact on the communities they serve. Chantelle is deeply committed to supporting candidates in navigating their career paths and assisting clients in finding the right talent to drive positive change. 

Embracing recruitment as a means of making a difference in people's lives, Chantelle finds joy in listening to candidates' stories and helping them secure their dream roles. She takes pride in being part of the solution for clients, ensuring a seamless match between candidate and organisation.

Looking ahead, Chantelle aims to contribute to the growth and success of Tile Hill by leveraging her unique sector experience and embodying the organisation's values in every interaction. Chantelle is committed to supporting Tile Hill in achieving its ambitions while delivering exceptional outcomes for both clients and candidates.

An interesting tidbit about Chantelle is that she has ventured into the world of reality TV and even made it to the final!

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