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Celebrating the Empowering Women of Tile Hill

by Shannon Walsh


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As International Women's Day approaches, it is only fitting to take a moment to reflect on and celebrate the incredible women who make Tile Hill an inspiring and empowering workplace. Nestled within the heart of our organisation are countless women who contribute their strength, resilience, and talent on a day-to-day basis, shaping the vibrant and dynamic culture that defines Tile Hill.

Tile Hill proudly stands as a women-dominated workplace, where diversity is not only acknowledged but celebrated. We recognise the importance of fostering an environment where every individual, regardless of age, race, sexuality, or background, feels valued and appreciated. In doing so, we have created a workplace that thrives on the unique strengths and perspectives that each woman brings to the table.

Tile Hill is more than just a workplace; it is a community of strong, independent, and inspiring women. We take pride in fostering an atmosphere where every woman feels encouraged to voice her ideas, pursue her goals, and make a significant impact. The achievements of our female colleagues are not just acknowledged but celebrated, serving as a testament to the supportive network that defines Tile Hill.

We understand that each woman brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table, enriching our work environment. Whether it's celebrating achievements, milestones, or simply acknowledging the richness of our collective experiences, Tile Hill stands as a testament to the power of not only recognising and appreciating individual characteristics but cherishing them.

“Tile Hill truly acknowledges and accommodates the unique needs of every individual. Despite not having a young family or caregiving responsibilities, I still benefit greatly from the company's flexible working arrangement.
Having the full autonomy to work wherever is most suitable has helped me to navigate challenges I have experienced with my hormone cycles, both physically and mentally.  This freedom empowers women at Tile Hill to make decisions that prioritise our well-being, contributing to a much more sustainable work-life balance compared to some of the other companies I have been a part of.”
Heather Chan

“Women are faced with a lot of barriers in the workplace, from the gender pay gap, sexism, maternity and caring responsibility bias, and everything else in between. Sadly, I’m sure most women have experienced one or more of these things at some point throughout their careers. Working at Tile Hill has had a huge impact on how I feel at work, I feel respected and trusted, I am heard and welcomed and encouraged. Every person at Tile Hill is truly committed to an inclusive culture and that shines through!”

- Anna Shepherd

The influence of the remarkable women at Tile Hill extends far beyond the confines of our workplace, resonating throughout the organisations we collaborate with. The women of Tile Hill are not just shaping our internal environment but are also helping influence the broader professional landscape, inspiring positive change in our industry. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is not only elevating our organisation but is radiating outward, creating a ripple effect that amplifies the voices and contributions of women in our sector.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, let us take a moment to honour the incredible women of Tile Hill who contribute their strength, resilience, and passion to our organisation. Here's to the inspiring women of Tile Hill – may your contributions continue to shape our workplace and those we work with.
Happy International Women's Day.


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