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Standing out to outstanding leaders – The importance of an EVP

by Anthony Lewis


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Local authorities need exceptional leaders, and councils are actively seeking innovative methods to both attract and retain top-tier talent. Surveys conducted by reputable sources such as the MJ and other trade journals have underscored the pressing concerns of chief executives within local authorities, particularly regarding workforce resilience and skills shortages.

At Tile Hill, we fervently believe in the transformative power of a comprehensive approach to talent acquisition, development, and retention, not only for individual organisations but also for the sector at large, in addressing these identified issues.

In March 2024, Tile Hill embarked on a survey of HR professionals within the sector to delve into their perspectives on the talent landscape and the efficacy of employee value propositions (EVPs) within their respective organisations in attracting, retaining, and nurturing both current and future talent. Furthermore, these insights were augmented by the input of Chief Executives and Directors at the MJ Future Forum 2024, where Tile Hill presented its workshop entitled "Standing out to Outstanding Leaders: The Importance of an EVP". These collective findings illuminate the urgent necessity for a more defined employment brand within the local government sector, as well as the imperative to cultivate robust EVPs tailored to individual councils, reflecting their values, leadership ethos, purpose, and the career advancement opportunities they offer. By doing so, councils can fortify their talent pools and bolster succession planning efforts, thereby contributing to the sector's resilience and efficacy.

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Standing out to outstanding leaders – The importance of an EVP
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