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Tile Hill: A People-Based Business

by Anthony Lewis


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It is an exciting time at Tile Hill with a surge of hires and new business. The arrival of both myself and Mark Thomas as Directors to work alongside founder, David Weir, is just the start and there is more to come. We’re united in our ambitions and in a common set of values that binds us as an organisation. Improving candidate experience is just one of these things.

In fact, we don’t like the word ‘candidate’. It reinforces a very singular view of who people are and what their relationship with us is. We feel it can make people feel like a commodity, a faceless number in a process. When the three Directors first sat down to discuss approach and what we want Tile Hill to be known for, engagement, experience, and insight were key drivers.

So why are these things so important to us all and how will they feel to you?

Each coming from different recruitment backgrounds, and a combined 30 years in recruiting senior roles, the three Directors have seen good and bad practice in how recruitment businesses can treat people. At a time when the volume of recruitment within the public sector is increasing, we don’t believe that big is best. Volume is not an indicator of success to us as we believe that it works against our values. We hear every day from the people we’re working with, both on the hiring side and those applying for senior roles, of their frustration and the drawbacks of an increasingly transactional approach to senior recruitment. With an increasingly candidate-led market, engagement is critical.

We expect Tile Hill to be measured against our values and we will be asking for feedback and looking for ways to continuously improve. We believe that the world of public sector senior recruitment can change for the better, and we want to lead the charge. We won’t get it right every time, but we are excited for the future and if the last two years are anything to go by, then the next two will see us growing even more and further developing an offer that stands us apart.

Accessibility and openness are things that Tile Hill wants to be known for. We don’t like the growing trend of conducting business purely via email. Everyone is busy, but we operate in a people-based industry and we need to make time to speak and engage with people in a way that gets the best from them. Of course, what comes with accessibility and openness is that we will have to be truthful and clear about when we can help and when we can’t. This isn’t always easy, but it is the right thing and what people deserve. Recruitment works best when we have strong relationships with customers, when we’re fully briefed and when people have access to us to ask questions, get to know us and to test out their suitability for opportunities. That is why we have opened our diaries for people to book calls directly into our calendar. So whether you want to register with us, catch up on the market, or let us know your availability then click here and you can select a time that works for you.

We are always open to views on the market and would welcome a conversation with anyone that wants to explore our offer and be part of our journey. The 2019 Institute of Interim Management survey has just gone live and we hope interims will take the opportunity to fill it in and provide feedback on the sector. As we spread the Tile Hill word, we hope to see our ranking rise and this will confirm to us that we are engaging with people in the right way.

To find out more about the Tile Hill team, what we are up to and the roles we are recruiting then please head to or book a time to speak with one of the team.

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